Javier Buentello


Infinity Ballroom is the company I started to help me share my love of ballroom dancing.  My very earliest memories are of hearing music and watching my parents’ feet.   As I sat on the kitchen floor, they danced to tropical songs my father had brought back from his army stint in Panama.  I still recall asking my mother why the woman singing on our mariachi records was crying.  These experiences were the beginnings of my understanding of passionate performance—what any dancer will tell is essential to their art. 

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas where the opportunities for me to learn how to Cumbia and Two-Step were endless.  There was always a festival, birthday party, or a family get-together where dancing was a necessity.  The best parties, of course, were weddings.  Big, fat, Mexican weddings!  There was simply no way to keep from dancing at weddings like the ones we went to when I was a kid: Conjunto, Top 40s, Country & Western—you had to be able to dance to anything, anywhere, anytime.

In 1998 I moved to the Washington DC area and began training as a ballroom dance teacher. Waltz, Tango, and especially Foxtrot were magic to me.  My exposure to new styles and varieties of music and dance was transformative.  To say that learning to dance changed me is an understatement.  All my life I had enjoyed the arts, and through ballroom dance I got the chance to participate in them.  Today I teach people how to have as much fun as I did growing up.  Whether it’s the thrill and glamour of competitive ballroom, or simple elegance of an intimate dance floor at a social gathering—the fascination continues. 

And so, it brings me great pleasure to help others know the incredible joy I have been lucky enough to enjoy from dancing. I can assure you, the limits to such joys are infinite.